Allowing service delivery to continue uninterrupted


Sainsbury Engineers are expert in upgrading and enhancing the ventilation systems in telecommunications facilities at the same time allowing service delivery to continue uninterrupted. They take care in minimising dust and vibrations to avoid damage to the delicate equipment housed in the facilities.

The company has undertaken projects in well over 100 telephone exchanges either contracted directly by Telstra or by project managers: Bovis Lend Lease (now Lendlease Group), Silcar Communications, and Transfield Services.

The projects have involved:

  • HVAC life-cycle upgrade
  • Removing old and redundant HVAC equipment
  • Manufacturing and installing new ductwork
  • Installing new chillers
  • Integrating new systems with existing ductwork
  • Installing controls and undertaking electrical work

Projects include:

  • Dalley Telstra Exchange an important Sydney CBD facility.

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